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Maximum voltage, V 36
Minimum voltage, V 9
Built-in memory, GB 32
Interface CAN 2.0B
Overall dimensions, mm 129x113x36
Weight, kg 0,5

RUBRUKS CL-2C CAN-logger is a module for recording data from CAN-buses. Designed for use as part of transport and stationary systems with digital control. The module provides high-speed data recording from one or two CAN-buses without filtering and processing, which allows you to save the maximum information about the system operation for further analysis, emergency situations, processing of statistical data. The design and software of the module provides independent adjustment of the CAN bus speed. Own user software allows you to convert log files to various formats (including cvs, xls).
A wide temperature range and a good level of dust, moisture and vibration protection make it possible to use the block as a ready-made device directly at the application site without the need for additional protection of the case.

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