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Maximum power, kW 250
Rated power, kW 130
Input voltage, V 50...800
Overall dimensions, mm 584x254x88
Weight, kg 16
Interface CAN 2.0B
Type of cooling system liquid

Available in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof versions

RUBRUKS NTPI-600-250 motor controllers are AC/DC voltage converters for electric motors with a peak power of 250 kW.

Why do you need a traction converter?

The traction converter (or inverter) is the controller of the electric motor. Thanks to the traction inverter, the electric vehicle is controlled, the torque of the electric motor and, accordingly, the speed of the vehicle are regulated.


RUBRUKS will produce electric motor controllers that meet all modern requirements in a short time.
RUBRUKS designs and manufactures highly reliable traction inverters.
RUBRUKS use materials and components mainly from domestic manufacturers and suppliers.
RUBRUKS provide support throughout the entire product life cycle.
RUBRUKS use a systematic approach in organizing all development and production.
RUBRUKS specialists will help you choose and buy traction converters.

Buy traction inverters RUBROUX NTPI-600-250

You can buy RUBRUKS NOVTS1-600-250 traction inverters by contacting us directly.

Available in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof versions

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