Maximum power, kW 7
Rated power, kW 6
Input voltage, V 320...420
Output voltage, V 220
Overall dimensions, mm 342x290x91
Weight, kg 14,88
Interface CAN 2.0B
Type of cooling system liquid

Available in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof versions

The RUBRUKS NPI-360-220-7 DC-AC voltage converter (pure sine) is designed to convert direct current on board a vehicle into alternating 220 V pure sine for connecting domestic consumers.
Suitable for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and agricultural machinery.


  • “pure sine” - for powering any consumers of a household/industrial network
  • output current and voltage control
  • CAN interface
  • overload protection
  • overheat protection
  • automatic restoration of operation after eliminating the causes of protection activation
  • soft start (optional)
  • phase-by-phase unbalanced load compensation

Available in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof versions

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