Maximum power, kW 22
Rated voltage, V 600
Input voltage, V 210…250
Output voltage, V 410…750
Maximum input current, A 32
Maximum output current, A 45
Overall dimensions, mm 660х345х110
Weight, kg 32
Interface CAN 2.0B
Type of cooling system liquid

On-board charger RBC-600-22 is designed to charge vehicle batteries from 1- and 3-phase household mains current.

The on-board charger has the ability to interact with the charging terminals of the IEC 62196, IEC 62196-2 and CCS Type 2 standards. This allows you to charge the vehicle both from a household electrical outlet using a special charging cable, and from a charging station.

Suitable for electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and agricultural machinery.


  • CAN bus control
  • interaction with charging terminal (J1772)
  • setting output voltage/current via CAN bus
  • work in CC-CV mode
  • function of working with a resistive load (warm-up mode)
  • protection systems

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