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Traction inverter maximum power, kW 240
Built-in charger power, kW 3,3
Built-in DC-DC power, kW 4
Overall dimensions, mm 660x344x109
Weight, kg 35
Interface CAN 2.0A/B
Type of cooling system liquid

The RUBRUKS STDU-600 electric traction drive unit is designed for use as part of electric traction drive systems for electric and hybrid vehicles.
It is presented in the form of a single monoblock. Includes:
- traction inverter,
- on-board charger,
- DC-DC converter,
- main control unit,
- high-voltage switching unit.

The unified design of the block and the possibility of an optional choice of basic parameters make it possible to use it in systems of both passenger electric vehicles and medium-duty commercial electric vehicles, all-terrain passenger vehicles, water vehicles, etc.

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